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City of Lobelville

The City of Lobelville was settled by a Frenchman Herry De Lobel in 1854. Hence, the name of the city, which was then called Lobelsville. The earliest settlement in Perry County is Tom's Creek, which is part of the Pineview community of Lobelville. In fact, the first store was opened by James Yeates in 1819. Moreover, the oldest business still operating is T.G.T., now also known as El Paso Energy. It began its operation in 1943. Welcome to Lobelville, looking south on Hwy 412The City constantly continues to grow. Together with local small businesses, Lobelville is honored to host a number of bigger businesses such as Reliable Products, Bates Fabricating, and Phytotherapy. We are also proud to welcome new businesses coming into the area, to which we can promise favorable business location and environment. The City of Lobelville is a wonderful place for family recreation and pasttime, which attracts a great amount of people. There are various activities for various preferences regardless of age or gender. One can fish, swim, hunt, enjoy picnics and camping, or golf in and around our community. Still one of the most popular summer activities is the adventurous canoe floating along the banks of the picturesque Buffalo River. Canoe rentals and convenience stores are readily available for visitors. Come see for yourself and enjoy! If the City workers or I personally can be of any assistance to you, please call or stop by the City Hall, which is located on the Main Street in Lobelville. I am sure we will do everything possible to make your experiences in our community pleasurable and memorable.


55 South Main St

Lobelville TN 37097


Phone: (931) 593-2285

Fax: (931) 593-2279


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